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The Aragon Water Filter Cartridges for Big Blue Whole House Systems are highly effective at reducing not only unwanted bad taste & odor and chlorine from potable drinking water, but other contaminants as well. This is because Aragon Filters are made of Aragon polymers, bacteriostatic additives of silver, and granules of ion-exchange resin. Therefore, these filter cartridges whilst combining several water treatment methods: mechanical, ion exchange, adsorption, electric adsorption; hardness salts, TDS, colloidal iron, heavy metals and their compounds are removed due to ion-exchange properties of resin and polymer.

In addition, the tested Aragon cartridges have shown 100% water decontamination efficiency from viral pollution. The ARAGON BIO filter will also remove 99.9% of human pathogens, i.e. rotaviruses and noroviruses, from water.

Aragon Filters Benefits:

  • Aragon Filter Cartridges can be used as well as the main element in water treatment and decontamination systems and as one of the pre-treatment stages, e.g. as a part of the membranes protection against bio contamination.
  • Aragon Water Filters Technology is comparable to polymeric UF/MF membranes (that are for domestic use) in efficiency. But it has greater productivity and significantly lower pressure drop.
  • Aragon Water Filters represent the most up-to-date technology for water treatment and viruses, bacteria and cysts removal. That makes it possible to get completely safe and health-promoting water without boiling.
  • Aragon Water Filters provide higher efficiency of filtration and kinetic absorption as compared to standard nonwoven fabrics including granular activated carbon.