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1 Micron Poly Spun Sediment Filters For 10 inch or 20 Inch Big Blue Whole House.

Poly Spun Sediment Filters Benefits:

  • Polypropylene filter for removal of sand, silt, dirt and rust particles. For water use only.
  • Three-layers structure cartridge
  • High contaminant holding capacity
  • Long filter service life
  • 100% Polypropylene material for wide chemical compact
  • True multi-layered depth filtration
  • Micro-Dernier melt-blown filtration fiber, high removal ratings
  • Formed by thermal bond without use of any binders and adhesives
  • Larger particles are trapped in the outer layers, smaller particles penetrate deeper


  • Whole House Sediment Filtration; Reverse Osmosis Prefiltration; Food and beverages; Oil and gas; Fine chemicals; Electronics; Metal finishing; Pulp and paper.