Aragon Bio Water Filter Cartridge 20 Inch


Looking for an effective solution to improve your drinking water? The 20″ x 4.5″ ARAGON Water Filter reduces bad taste, odour, chlorine taste, and contaminants like hardness salts, TDS, and heavy metals with ion-exchange properties of resin and polymer.

Made from a composite material with Aragon polymer, silver bacteriostatic additive, and granules of ion-exchange resin, this cartridge uses multiple water treatment methods like mechanical, ion exchange, adsorption, and electric adsorption.

But that’s not all – the ARAGON Water Filter has also demonstrated 100% water decontamination efficiency from viral pollution. The ARAGON BIO filter removes 99.9% of human pathogens like rotaviruses and noroviruses from water.

Choose the ARAGON Water Filter for safe, clean, and refreshing drinking water.

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