Why choose a Whole House Water Filter?

While point of use (POU) water filter systems purify water at specific taps in your home, a point of entry (POE) system (also called whole house water filters) treats water as it enters your home. Choosing a POE or whole house water filter means that you do not need multiple shower filters and drinking water filters scattered throughout your home. Which is why, for homes with high levels of minerals, where tap water damage pipes, wear out appliances like, dishwashers and water heaters, cause scaling on fixtures, and leave water spots on your dishes and scale built up in your shower head, a Whole House Water Filter will reduce scale and remedy the problems of hard water by filtering many of these minerals from your water.

However, Whole House Water Filters not only benefit homes with hard water, our whole house water filters will also remove Chlorine, Taste, Odours, Heavy Metals, Bacteria, and Pesticides. Therefore, you will be showering in chlorine free water, cooking with pure water and drinking safe water.

If you own a medium or large-sized home a whole house system will:

  • Reduce contaminants (Chlorine, Taste, Odours, Lead, Calcium, Mercury, Copper, Aluminium, Rust, Sediments and more),
  • Eliminate minerals to stop scale build up, and
  • Provide cleaner better-smelling water for every room in your home.