How Do You Know When Filters Need To Be Changed?

How do you know when filters need to be changed

Learn the three easy methods to determine the perfect time to change your filters.

1. When you experience a drop in pressure: 

If you experience a drop in your water pressure, it usually means your Sediment Filter has reached its capacity and it’s blocked. This is a good indicator it’s time to change your sediment filter.

2. After the recommended changing period: 

Your instructions or product manual will usually determine when to change your filters. AquaCo Whole House Filter Cartridges are recommended to be changed every 18 months.

Most filters are recommended to be changed every year.

3. After the Filter’s Capacity has been reached:

Each filter has a different filtration capacity. AquaCo Whole House Water Filter Cartridges are rated to last up to approximately 300.000 Litres because of their size (20″ x 4.5″). However, smaller filters require changing more frequently.


Is it time to service your system? – Follow the instructions in this Maintenance and Service Video!


Stay Informed: Check Your Local Water Quality Reports!

Keep in mind tap water is only tested at the reservoir and doesn’t take into account all the contamination that occurs during its travel to your home. 

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