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Nano-Silver Carbon Filter Cartridges for Big Blue Whole House Water Systems.

Nano-Silver Carbon Filter Cartridges Benefits:

  • Bacteriostatic filters do not kill bacteria, per say, but do inhibit the growth of bacteria within the filter*. In other words, the term Bacteriostatic means that the quantity of bacteria passing through the filtration system will remain static, i.e. bacteria will not multiply.
  • Silver is known for its antimicrobial properties, is effective in fighting a wide range of microbes, and is preferred over other antimicrobials that are chlorine-, ammonia- or alcohol-based. Silver has been proven safe and non-toxic to people, animals and plants.
  • Bacteriostatic filter media contains silver ions which attack microbes and inhibit their growth within the filter media of the water system, and also reduces off-tastes, odors and chlorine.