AquaCo Carbon Block Filter Cartridge with Scale Reduction Properties 20 Inch, 5 Micron


Say goodbye to scale build-up in your water with our Carbon Filter Cartridge with Scale Reduction Properties. Enjoy clean and refreshing water with reduced bad taste, odour, and chlorine. Improve the lifespan of your appliances and reduce maintenance costs. Contact us for a consultation today!

  • Reduce the scale build-up that can lead to reduced water flow, increased energy consumption, and damage to appliances and pipes.
  • Reduces particles as small as 5 micron in size by mechanical means.
  • Bad taste & odour, colour and chlorine reduction.
  • Sediment pre-filter screen to catch particulate matter in the water flow.
  • After installing, flush for a few minutes to remove any carbon fines
  • Higher surface area
  • Enhanced dirt-holding capacity*
AquaCo Filters Brand