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Granular Activated Coconut Carbon Filter Cartridges for 10 inch or 20 Inch Big Blue Whole House Water Filter Systems.

Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges Benefits:

Also known as Triple Action Filter Cartridges, these three layers structure filter cartridges are made of:

  1. Outer Layer: Nano-Zinc Polypropylene (Removes sediment & Sludge)
  2. Middle Layer: Granular Activated Coconut Carbon (Removes chlorine, taste & odor)
  3. Inner Layer: Nano-Zinc Polypropylene (Inhibits bacterial growth)

Granular Activated Carbon is a highly porous adsorbent material, produced by heating organic matter, such as coal, wood and coconut shell, in the absence of air, which is then crushed into granules. Activated carbon is positively charged and therefore able to remove negative ions from the water such as ozone, chlorine, fluorides and dissolved organic solutes by absorption onto the activated carbon. The activated carbon must be replaced periodically as it may become saturated and unable to absorb. Also, is not effective in removing heavy metals.

In addition, this filtration media is often used as a filter in water treatment systems, where water is directed downwards through a stationary bed of activated carbon, leaving organic material to accumulate at the top of the bed. Activated carbon is similarly used to lower radon levels in water. Also available in powdered form.