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10 Inch and 20 Inch Single Big Blue Whole House Water Filter Housing. The system includes: Big Blue Water Filter Housing; Metal Bracket Heavy Duty; Wrench and screws; 2 x Hex Nipple with O’ring; and Pressure Gauge.

System Dimensions Max Flow Rate
Single 10″ x 4.5″ 150mm W x 460mm H x 205mm D 75 Litres per minute
Single 20″ x 4.5″ 250mm W x 700mm H x 205mm D 150 Litres per minute

Big Blue filtration systems are specifically designed to cater to areas where a high flow rate is needed, for example an entire house, industrial area or commercial zone.

Installed on mains plumbing, sediment and chlorine are removed from all faucets/ showers throughout the premises protecting tap washers, hot water systems and appliances.

The size of system that you require can be determined by the water quality and what is required to be filtered from the water.