Hot under the sun? AquaCo’s Stainless Steel Cover vs Plastic Covers

Why AquaCo’s Stainless Steel Cover is the Optimal Choice for Whole House Filtration Systems?

As Whole House Filtration Systems are often installed outdoors, they require protection from the sun and extreme conditions to maintain their longevity and integrity. AquaCo addresses this need with rust-proof exterior components, including the stand, frame, cover, and bracket made of 316 marine grade stainless steel, which is an excellent conductor of heat.

However, some competitors selling whole house water filtration systems with plastic covers claim that stainless steel overheats and deteriorates system performance. To test these claims, we conducted a comparative test where both systems were exposed to the same conditions, and their temperature was measured after two hours.

Experiment Results

AquaCo’s Stainless Steel Cover

AquaCo Stainless Steel Cover

Plastic Cover

Generic Cheap Plastic Cover

The test results revealed that the Stainless Steel Cover used in the AquaCo Whole House Filtration System absorbed less heat than the plastic cover used in the experiment seen in other systems. This observation can be attributed to the materials’ thermal conductivity, which refers to how well they conduct heat.

Common types of plastic, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, have low thermal conductivity values ranging from approximately 0.1 to 0.5 W/mK, whereas 316 marine grade stainless steel’s thermal conductivity is around 16.2 W/mK. As a result, when exposed to the same amount of heat, stainless steel conducts heat much more effectively than plastic, resulting in slower heating and lower maximum temperature.