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Hot under the sun? AquaCo’s Stainless Steel Cover vs Plastic Covers

Why AquaCo’s Stainless Steel Cover is the Optimal Choice for Whole House Filtration Systems? As Whole House Filtration Systems are often installed outdoors, they require protection from the sun and extreme conditions to maintain their longevity and integrity. AquaCo addresses this need with rust-proof exterior components, including the stand, frame, cover, and bracket made of […]

Say Goodbye to Skin Irritation: Using AquaCo’s Whole House Water Filtration System

Did you know that the water you use at home could be harming your skin? While chlorine and other chemicals used to disinfect water are necessary, they can cause skin irritation and dryness. Hard water can also contribute to skin problems. The good news is that the AquaCo whole house water filtration system can help. […]

CLASSIC & PREMIUM: What’s the difference?

CLASSIC & PREMIUM: What's the difference?

When you’re in the market for an AquaCo Whole House Filtration System, you’ll have the option of choosing between two versions: Classic and Premium. While both versions offer protection against chlorine, taste, odors, and color, the Premium system provides even broader protection against a range of contaminants. The Premium system not only addresses concerns about […]

10 Things You Can Do To Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

10 Things To Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

A whole house water filter is a great investment in your home and can help prevent costly plumbing repairs. Here are 10 tips on how to avoid costly plumbing repairs with a whole house water filter: Regularly replace your filter. A clogged filter can cause low water pressure, which can put strain on your plumbing […]

10 Things you are doing WRONG with your water filter

10 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Whole House Water Filter

Water filters have become a popular household item as people are becoming more aware of the potential impurities in their tap water. While water filters are effective at removing contaminants and improving the taste of water, there are certain mistakes people make that can compromise their effectiveness. Here are ten things you might be doing […]

Whole House Water Filters For Perth

Whole House Water Filters For Perth

Whole House Water Filters For Perth Perth’s water supply has high levels of TDS (total dissolved solids) and hardness (calcium and magnesium) due to the source being mostly groundwater and desalination plants. These natural minerals are dissolved in the water as it moves through soil and rock and cannot be removed by filtration. The resulting […]